Al Jazeera: Cocoa versus conflict in Colombia

"A chocolate-producing community of peasant farmers who faced deadly violence after declaring themselves neutral in Colombia's five-decades-long civil war could hold the key to a lasting peace as a historic ceasefire approaches this month.

The San Jose de Apartado peace community is the subject of a timely documentary by British anthropologist Gwen Burnyeat. Timely because Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Marxist guerrilla leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) will sign a historic peace deal in a few weeks after four years of talks in Cuba."

Al Jazeera journalist Michael Gillard writes that "the key to lasting peace in Colombia with FARC rebels may lie in the story of chocolate-producing peasant farmers", in his feature article on Chocolate of Peace and its context of the Colombian peace process. Click here to read the whole article.