Polish Launch in Borderland Foundation

We were invited by the International Centre for Dialogue at the Borderland Foundation in Poland, to screen Chocolate of Peace for the first time with the Polish subtitles organised and sponsored by a Borderland translator. The Borderland Foundation is located in Krasnogruda, Sejny, on the Polish-Lithuanian border, and is a cultural and community centre that works to foster an identity of community across many different cultures (Polish Catholic, Polish Jewish, Lithuanian, Orthodox, Belarusian, among others). We screened the film in the stunning 'Song of Porcelain' literary café in the cellar of the manor house that had been the summer home of famous Polish Nobel prize-winner Czesław Miłosz, and then producer Gwen Burnyeat conversed with the foundation's director, Krzysztof Czyżewski, and built a dialogue with the audience about how we could usefully engage with the Peace Community's idea of peace in a difficult moment across the world. One participant, when we asked "what do you think peace means to the peace community?", replied that she felt that peace was almost the last thing that the community thinks of. First they think of meeting the basic needs of all the members, ensuring a fair distribution of food and land, commemorating their historical memory, working together as a community and the idea and the manifestation of peace follows automatically. A profound reflection for a dark moment in Europe. You can watch the video of the dialogue here.